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Did you know that OUTSIDE THE BOX is also available on Facebook?

Apart from interviews and blog posts I also plan to share on the page some news articles focusing mainly on the Swiss sustainability context.

Do not hesitate to Like and Follow the page:

I hope to see many of you there: the more you share your ideas, feedback, success stories and challenges, the more we can learn from each other and build a stronger community towards positive change.

Feel free also to let me know what format you'd be interested in in the future:

I have been working lately on turning the usual newsletter format into a magazine one, but I look forward to learn and develop new options. If you are interested, leave a little note using the contact form and i'll add you on the mailing list*.

* Your email address will only be used with the purpose to share OUTSIDE THE BOX news and content.

It will never be shared or used for another purpose.

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