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The weather has been very intersting lately in Central Switzerland: very sunny and warm during the day, stortmy over night, meaning hiking season has started for the family. And because we are where we are, we do not miss the chance to reach very cliché locations to sell the best of Switzerland: its mountains, its lakes, its views and its fresh air.

Hubby had done the trip before, but in the winter and with snow shoes at his feet, and this time we walked with a confident threenager and a baby-in-the-bagpack, so another level of fun.

Lidernenhütte was built in 1944 (and refurbished since then obviously) as a mountain cabin to be used for hikers, climbers, ski tourers....etc to get a rest and even spend the night with 85 beds in a total of 6 dorms. If you want to spend the night, the conditions are available (in German) here. For a quiet hike though, it is the right place for a good bite with an amazing view.

To reach out the Lidernenhütte and enjoy a cold beer while eating a great Käseschnitte with local cheese (bake some bread with a generous amount of farm cheese or raclette on top and die of happiness):

- Drive towards Sisikon (after Brunnen if you come from Zug) and take the small mountain road direction Seilbahn Chäppeliberg - Spilau. You can surely hike the way up or do like us, take the little Seilbahn (gondola) towards the hiking path. The return ticket will cost 14 CHF per person. Make sure to check whether conditions before as the station will be closed. Call them in case of doubt.

- Make sure you have the right equipment and clothing for the trip. The gondola is open, giving you an amazing view from the sides (AND the bottom, too). There was also some snow at the top, so snow/rain gears were actually helpful to hike. In other weather conditions, regular hiking stuff will be enough.

- The way is pretty obvious, follow the direction on the sign pole. The indicated 15 minutes might be a little short if you walk with smaller ones, but is not a complex walk and the path is clear.

- The Hütte is placed on a Wildruhezone, a quiet zone for wildlife. Respecting the environment is a clear point, but an extra attention to noise is required in order not to scare the local wildlife.

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