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WWF launches an English-speaking Volunteers Group in Central Switzerland

Looking for a job in a country whose language you do not speak can be challenging, if not impossible in some cases. And while bridging gaps in a CV through volunteering experience is generally seen as a good idea, the language situation can one more time be a limitation.

A few English-speaking sites once in a while share the latest opportunities to volunteer in other languages than German /Schwyzerdütsch. The English-speaking options I had come across a year ago however were limited, especially in the field of environmental protection and communications work (on the other hand, there were a few more in the field of social and educational support, which to be fair I wasn't interested in).

It's been therefore with great joy that I was approached by Marie Rubel, the coordinator of volunteers, fundraising and training for the WWF Regional office for Central Switzerland (which covers the cantons of Zug, Lucerne, Uri and Unterwalden).

With the support of her colleague Adriana who successfully launched a similar project in Zurich, Marie is supporting the development of an international group of volunteers to welcome more hands in environmental projects in the region. The group does not formallyexist yet : it will be started during the meeting and all people who come will be invited to bring in all their ideas and engagement, to form the content and spirit of the group together.

For this purpose, mark your calendars already: a meeting will be held on Thursday, January 17th, 2019 in the Altstadthalle in Zug at 18:30. Click on the picture to access all the details and register to join the meeting and joint developing projects.

Embrace the Panda, it's here for good things!

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