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Carlsberg does it again!

One can like or not the beer itself; however the Carlsberg Group has been doing an awesome work reinventing its packaging and identifying more sustainable ways to deliver its beverages on the market.

Carlsberg is now showing prototypes of its first Green Fibre Bottle that the Group has been working on since 2015. The bottles are made of "sustainably-sourced wood fibres and have an “inner barrier” allowing the bottle to hold beer. One uses a thin recycled PET polymer film barrier, while the other has a bio-based PEF polymer film barrier".

Another great step towards reducing packaging-related GHG emissions, knowing that this step represents 40% of the Carlsberg products life cycle!

I look forward to knowing what people will think when the project succeeds and fibre-based bottles are officially launched on the market: I would actually expect some resistance from customers, as beer is expected to be distributed in cans or glass bottles.

Read the article here for more details.

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