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The Project's Partners

OUTSIDE THE BOX is proud to support campaigns that engage communities and promote positive change, even the smallest, towards a more sustainable world. 

We all want to do our share to help the planet but when it comes to integrating more eco-friendly habits into our lives, it often seems very overwhelming to get started.


So, for this New Year, we’re offering Mother Earth a gift and doing you a favour by making this easy to implement!

How does it works?

OUTSIDE THE BOX has partnered with Catherine Leduc Coaching & Consulting and The Green Event Planner to prepare a list of 52 simple weekly gestures that you can do to help the environment . We invite everyone to implement them one at a time, week-over-week throughout the year!

How can you help us further?

  • Invite your friends to the group

  • Share our weekly action posts on your profile and in your groups

  • Share your progress using the hashtag #52weeklyactions

  • Feel free to use the group to share your progress and any relevant information, article, website on any topics related to ur group!

Thank you for caring & see you on the greener side! 

Keep us posted at any time on contact[at]outsidetbox[dot]com!

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