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About Me

When i was 9, I wanted to become the first female French President and make Europe the greatest ground for peace and happiness.


When i was 12, I wanted to become a journalist in order to tell stories and help people understand the world we live in.


When i was 15, i thought hugging trees was the coolest thing of all.

I turned my hair red, discovered rock n roll and the pleasure to read. 


When I was 20, i realized that a lot more would have to be done if I wanted to save polar bears. Things got clearer: sustainability didn't have to be a political concept, but instead an intrinsic part of everyone's lifestyle, decisions and planning. 

Over the past 15 years, i have lived in some of the most amazing cities in the world: Paris, Lille, Lund, Copenhagen, Dubai, and now Zug, Switzerland. I have tried good food and visited many coffee places, I immerged myself into different cultures, and I learned new ways of life from so many inspiring people of the world. 

I am a Sustainability professional holding a Bachelor in Arts in Political Science and a Master of Science in Environmental Studies and Sustainability Science. 

Wife of the greatest man, ​Mum of the best daughter and son. 


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