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14 June 2020 - One year after the 2019 Frauenstreik

Lohn. Zeit. Respekt. Jetzt erst recht!

Wages. Time. Respect. Now more than ever!

A year ago on 14 June 2019, Swiss women were marching the streets to request stronger rights, gender equality and fairness of salary at work. The 2019 Frauenstreik was an amazing success, 28 years after the first Swiss women's strike in 1991.

The fight led on 14 June last year goes on, online and throughout the cities of Zug and the rest of Switzerland. From 14 to 28 June, the Frauen*rundgang will allow local men and women to be informed about feminism, gender equality, participate in consultations etc...

As I was walking with my son I tried to explain him some concepts behind the purple posters throughout town. And when he asked me what I wanted to write on the poster, he said that his wish was world peace and health for all.

I did not write his words, as at this time they somehow fail to fit the context. Twenty-four hours later however I feel that he was write: world peace and health for all goes hand in hand with gender equalit and all topics addressed under feminism. Again, I am blown by the lessons I can learn from a 5-year old.

I wish I had the knowledge, the distance and the guts to share on feminism. But I'd rather stay silent and keep listening and learning rather than hitting a wall (and the internet's is not one I am willing to fight right now).

So instead I strongly recommend you to read Invisibile Women - Exposing data bias in a world designed for men, by Caroline Criado Perez. I do not have the time nor energy to read much, which makes me sad, so when I do I am careful with the choice, and this one is putting in words a lot of things I had in mind regarding inequalities at work, in the health sector, in the economy, etc... This book also points at a statement that I have living and working with: what is not measured cannot be changed. The data gap is addressed systematically for all sectors, and it gives a strong ground to stand up and be vocal.

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