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The words and concepts "outside the box" and "with a twist" have been making their journey through my mind for the past couple of months as i was closing my latest projects in the United Arab Emirates. I even created an Instagram account - then deleted it - to create the online filter i needed to look at life around me with a different set of eyes.

All my life i've had the chance to live in very diverse urban environments while embracing as much as possible a sustainable lifestyle for myself and my family. I've tried to reduce my consumption of meat and the production of useless waste. We recycle as much as we can (with its flaws and challenges) and we include our son in the process to teach him the value of things. As much as we can i walk, bike and favour public transports to driving.

But i have had a hard time identifying the remaining frustrations in my choices and actions. I have worked in the sustainability field, but i often think it has not been enough: i have silently been jealous of all these people who have gone "the extra mile", the ones who have the guts to speak up, to influence, to teach, to learn and make change happen.

I created a few blogs in the past to share my daily life abroad as well as some random thoughts. I just feel like i've missed a place in which i could be myself as well as share the inspiration i earn from meeting amazing people in a field that i am interested in: sustainability. And so i recently opened OUTSIDE THE BOX and invited people to contribute with stories that would complement mine. Word after word, story after story, we can write a new chapter together and hopefully make a difference. I hope you will like this place and make it a little your own, too.

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