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Mindful first steps

As I am writing these words, the sky just turned like a pale grey, big drops of rain are falling, and autumn leaves are flying amok from the trees of the playground downstairs. The mountains I normally can see from my balcony look now like a faded copy of Mordor, and the smell of rain caries the freshness from the corn fields around.

All this might sound like a basic description of the nearby landscape and a plain review of local weather. To me, it means a lot more than that. After spending the past 5 years in Dubai, it feels like I am moving back to a rich range of impressions, smells, feelings (and in all fairness, possibly a little bit of complaints) that I am ready to embrace.

As I was looking at my son while playing in the Villette Park in Cham, I could not stop but listing a few things that were striking my mind:

- Silence is a pleasant thing. Apart from the screams and laughters of the kids or the slowly-whispered instructions of a yoga class next to me, i could focus on the noise of dry leaves or the sound of a barking dog next to the lake. The acorn that fell straight on my head made a nice "pop" (and yes, it hurt).

- Nature is comforting. A lake, green grass, red leaves on the ground, mountains in the back and a good layer of clouds to hide the sun enough. Sometimes i do not miss my old high-rise buildings or the overwhelmingly-large road infrastructures too much anymore.

- Simple is enough. No need for extra blings: some snacks, toys and a lovely playground is enough to create fun and enjoy life.

- Seasons are useful. They give you the right sense of time and space. As much as i need to get used to rain and cold again, the "crunch" of dead leaves on the ground brings a childish smile to my face.

After years away from Europe, i am re-learning how to appreciate a quiet, mindful lifestyle. With the coming posts on OUTSIDE THE BOX i will share with you this process.

"Appreciate what it is you are feeling."

- a wise friend of mine

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