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Job search and self-confidence / Part 1

It is now the third time that I actively look for a job in the environmental field.

The first time, I had just graduated and somehow expected that the world was looking for young professionals like me: fresh knowledge on the latest "green stuff", motivation, big smile and a lot of hopes to save the world, here I was with my Master's Degree in hands. The timing was perfect: 2008 in the middle of the economic crisis, and let's be clear about one thing: no one was waiting for me at this stage.

So I patiently applied, and while catching up on many seasons of Dawson's Creek, I got constructive: I went to Danish class twice a week, and to apply the language and make some bucks (at least, Danish Crowns) I worked in a café on weekends. The proudest achievement (apart from remaining active and maintaining a certain financial independence) was to learn how to become a barista and do a proper cappuccino.

Good luck stroke when I finally got an (unpaid) internship in an international organization. There, moving around and finally building a career started.

The second time, I had moved and lived in Dubai for 6 months and wanted to find a steady role after working as ad-hoc home-based consultant. It was the first time I had to re-create myself entirely in a complete new environment, without a clue of local regulations and stakeholders. There, networking was the keyword, so I pushed my boundaries and went to meet people, joined events and had coffees with complete (professional) strangers, and it eventually paid off.

Now, I have to start over again another time, but with a few advantages in my hands: - I have technical experience and can talk with expertise. I have managed projects and programs, I have done research and written articles, and I know I can share my passion for sustainability without looking like a newbie.

- I listen to, and I trust my gut feelings and instinct, and I accept to push myself in the unknown zone with more confidence.

- I appreciate time, space and people a lot more. The ones I have met so far were inspiring, and I left discussions with a smile on my face, glad I had met like-minded spirits.

Wish me luck - finding a job is not an easy fight. But I am more ready than ever to win this round one more time.

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