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Gärtnerei, Zug

I had spotted the place a while ago online but had no idea where to find it. After a little treasure hunt around Metalli (Zug main shopping area in front of the central station) I finally found it, and arranged to make it a breakfast-and-blog session after school drop-off.

The main reason why I wanted to give it a try is the motto (Feinstes, natürlich - Finest, of course) and the healthy/fresh-looking menu. Any newcomer in Zug will tell you that it can be challenging to find a coffee/lunch place that has a) good choices, b) fresh options, and c) proper prices for the quality you get. With warm bowls, fresh burgers, bakes potatoes, soups and salads, and all at reasonable prices, Gärtnerei (Garden Market, in English) wins a point already.

By dropping off at 9am, while the place opens at 8am, I somehow expected it to be busy already and ready for breakfast. However the brekkie options are actually limited to drinks and a few muesli jars which are not produced onsite but delivered instead along with other dessert items. In any case, coffee was good, and I really enjoyed my chia pudding with fresh mango and berries in a glass jar (and not plastic).

And while I am writing the present article, the ladies are preparing a broad range of fresh salad items to be used for lunch. I am clearly staring at the nice salad bowl with cottage cheese, but I believe I will have to come back another day to test it.

The café is nice, quiet and comfortable to work at. What misses would be wifi, but hey, if you want to take it easy, read or, like me, work on articles, you can surely do without and enjoy disconnecting from the internet world for a while.

On the side you’ll find a stand with bags and napkins (in what-looks-like recycled paper) if you aim at take-out or doggy bag, as well as a compost bin. And as per the chairs, tables and blankets stored in the shelf, you’ll be able to enjoy your salad outside (but not today, it is cold and rainy). At last, posters remind everyone that bread or eggs come from local farms and suppliers, which is always a nice thing.

See you next time Gärtnerei!

You will find Gärtnerei in Zug on Poststrasse 24, behind the Neuhof passage. Also available in Zürich and Bern. Open 8am-3pm on weekdays, closed on weekends.

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