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Local Press, Communications and Waste /1

As inhabitants of Zug, we systematically receive at home 2 local newspapers, the Zuger Woche and the Zuger Presse. These 2 come on a weekly basis, accompanied with a load of advertizing and brochures, and no prior subscription was required to become a recipient by default. We also receive the local churches' news (2 other magazines as hubby and I are registered under 2 different faiths). Based on which city you are registered into, you might receive another newspaper at a different frequency.

I do read German and as a newcomer in the canton I am surely interested in local news and events. And when I am done, the issues go straight in the paper recycling bin.

When talking to friends however, I realized that most often the newspapers go directly in the trash, unread, mainly because they are written in German only (which of course makes entirely sense in this German-speaking part of Switzerland, but which doesn't especially help expats).

Some households will block their reception by having a little "keine Werbung Bitte!" (no advertisement, please!) sticker on their mailbox, but I haven't seen many of those next to where I live.

I therefore decided to conduct a little survey using active local Facebook groups as targets (e.g. Zug Expats, English Speaking Mums in Zug) to assess the response and behaviours from local people (with the assumption that many do not speak German by joining English-speaking groups): if they receive such newspapers, do they actually read them? The survey will remain open for the next few days; the preliminary 30-something results show clear trends, with language as a key issue.

The aim of this survey is also to have a look at the press' ecological footprint that could drastically improve from a better understanding of the newspapers' reception (less to be printed and delivered, less to end at the recycling station etc...). Results will be shared here obviously in the coming days, and I wish to approach the redactions to see how things could be improved (allowing households to unsuscribe? providing English content both in paper and online?). Of course suggestions and comments are more than welcome, and I hope to increase the number of respondents by a lot to get more significant results.


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