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Kanton Zug ist top!

Canton Zug is top. How can you resist such a title?!

Since 2003, many Swiss cantons and municipalities have been invited to monitor their sustainable development performance around three main criteria:

- environmental level: biodiversity, nature and wildlife, energy consumption, climate, materials, water management, ground pollution and air quality;

- social level: mobility, health, safety, security, wealth distribution, budget towards culture and leisure, training and education, welfare, integration of foreigners, women in labour market, inter-regional solidarity;

- economic level: canton's GDP, households'revenues and cost of living, unemployment rate, investments in infrastructures, innovations and labour market, economic structure, level of qualification of employees, tax system, public debts.

This week's Zuger Woche (Nr.46, 15th November 2017) celebrates the positive achievements of the Canton which in 2017 has strengthened its position as a sustainable landmark in the country.

This year's study, managed by the organization Cercles Indicateurs, has noticed a great increase in the use of renewable energies throughout the country.

On the level of Zug, the canton has showed improvements - in comparison with 2013 monitoring - on the economic and environmental levels, while showing a decrease in performance on the social one. You can find the details of the benchmarking analysis for each indicator here in German or French (i.e. the results for Zug compared to the overall average).

The 2016 sustainability report of Canton Zug covering the indicators of the Cercles Indicateurs is available here in German.

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