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Ein gutes neues Jahr!

Coming back from a 10-days break and I figured I haven't send readers my best wishes for 2018. I also haven't shared my reflections on 2017, which seems to be a common thing to do online, so let me write a few words about it.

2017 has been very strange to me, including a lot of changes in my life which has been a continuous transition year: I left my job, we changed countries and homes, we discovered a new place and made new friends. I have been looking for a new job, I have signed up at the gym (which is rare enough to be notified!) and I have created OUTSIDE THE BOX with the plan to settle the sustainability-related ideas I have had for very long time.

On the sustainability scene, I hope I have left a positive imprint on the projects I was managing, with the sincere wish they contribute to increasing awareness and improvements in the UAE. I failed a certification exam by 2 miserable points (which makes me smile, as I still plan to kick ass again). I proudly followed the Make our Planet Great Again conference and discussions. And with even greater pride I see friends and relatives work to make the world a nicer, more sustainable place.

So what do I hope to achieve in 2018?

- Nailing the right job that can make a difference;

- Working on my German and self-development;

- Keeping on with my discovery of Canton Zug, Switzerland and the local sustainability scene. A few "projects" are already in the pipeline, including the hunt for all art items mapped by Stadt Zug; the review of local food items (whoever wants to join me to try the famous Zuger Kirschtorte is welcome!); and hopefully a few more interviews;

- Meeting inspiring people and sharing there stories here with you;

- And as usual, making sure that my lifestyle, on the daily basis, gets more and more sustainable.

Happy New Year everyone, wherever it is in the world, may you be blessed with love, health, happiness and success day after day!

What are your own resolutions for the year?

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