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We're not quarantined, but...

...the weather has not been the most pleasant (for those who do not live around Zug, we have a proper storm with an exciting mix of high wind, snow, rain, hail, sun...something that does not make any sense at all) lately. Plans have drastically changed over the past 48 hours and the trip I was supposed to take got cancelled over a few chickenpox pimples on my son's adorable belly.

Meaning...we're not quarantined but the range of options of things to do is now limited to unsocial plans until we're back on track.

I wrote a quick list of the board of what we could do: bake, cook, paint, visit the farm to buy fresh milk, re-fill the stock of highly-needed coffee, read magazines, follow the "Altstadt Zug fur Kinder" map (to be explained here), and hopefully limit TV time to when I need a break.

In the meantime I received good feedback about OUTSIDE THE BOX, and I look forward to sharing with you the great story of Kevin, owner of a shop for pre-loved week!

To be continued here, when...or rather if, I have the time to stop by here!

Pic: those who know me know also that I have a crush for "alternative" or modern architecture. This is the roof of Bahnhof Zug (Zug Central Station) which changes colours at night.

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