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Long-term Teenager

These are my Doc Martens, i finally pulled them out of the box they have been sleeping in for a good....15 years or more I believe. I bought them in the Marché aux Puces (fleamarket) de Paris and spent an entire month salary of highshool-student job to finally get these precious back home (I worked for a few months in a bakery on Sunday mornings' market, did you know that about me?!).

I remember my pride going to highschool with them, especially when one of the cutest guys around (you know, the popular one that would never ever notice the nerd I was) spotted them and asked me "when I would enroll in the army" - yes, I giggled like a stupid teenager.

I cannot remember really why they have been sleeping such a long time. I think they were not waterproof enough to manage Scandinavian winter, and of course they were too hot to be worn in the Dubai heat. They got replaced by a pair of rubber boots, ballerinas and office-friendly sneakers, but never made their way towards a waste bin.

Well, maybe it is a little old reminder that I have probably been doing the right things in my consumption choices, and such for a long time. Buy quality rather than quantity. Appreciate what lasts. Fix when you can (i think I need new laces). Do your homework and check the products' origins. Buy things with purpose and keep this purpose continuously alive.

In view of the current cold, next item that will make its way out of my closet is my military-green winter coat bought in Sweden...yes, 10 years ago.

Do you have such clothing items that you love and cherish for pretty much ever?

What do you like so much about them?

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