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Schmutziger Donnerstag

Today is Schmutziger Donnerstag, namely Dirty Thursday and key date of the local Carnival season. After dropping my son at the Kita and proudly helping him put his costume on, I left to Metalli to attend the Guggenauftritte of the Zuger Chesslete- I have been doing my best to find a direct translation but it seems the concept is very Swiss. It is pretty much the concert of local associations' bands which reminded me so much of carnival times while studying in Northern France (Click on the link, then on the video and you'll get an idea of my morning's soundtrack).

I was about to go to the gym, instead I spent nearly 2 hours freezing my hands taking pictures of bands and people. I am sorry i had to leave, but I had an amazing time.

The Schmutziger Donnerstag program is going throughout the day, with the school parade in the old town, free risotto on Bundesplatz, and more concerts throughout town until night.

Click on the pics to enlarge them!

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