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Ekoplaza Lab, the first plastic-free supermarket opens in Amsterdam

Our Dutch friends generally have a certain advance with regard to implementing best sustainable practices. I am not talking about how cyclable Amsterdam is, for once: I am talking about the opening, on February 28th, of the first plastic-free aisle called Ekoplaza Lab.

With mor than 680 plastic-free products, the store has waged a war against useless plastic packaging by offering sustainable alternatives (glass, compostable biomaterials, and as often as possible, no packaging at all!).

The opening, as much as the international coverage such a shop has had so far, is extremely pleasant to see. Out of the waste we generate at home, plastic has been the most frustrating: too common, impossible to bring to the Okihof for free for 90% of it (the rest being milk or detergent bottles), and the one taking most space in our bin. It is also annoying to see plastic-packed vegetables or fruits in the local supermarkets for aesthetic purposes rather than actual protection, especially when it feels there is a lot more plastic than actual food...

If your knowledge of Dutch is limited, have a look at the BBC coverage for more information.

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