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Autonomous shuttle bus in Zug

Have you seen this cute little red-with-white-arrow shuttle bus around Zug streets on Sunday last week?

If so, you have been the lucky witness of the new autonomous shuttle bus project launched by the SBB, Mobility Carsharing, Zugerland Verkehrsbetriebe (ZVB), Stadt Zug and Technologiecluster Zug.

The project started in 2017 and is now reaching its testing phase on the the city center's streets to check the vehicle's safety and stability on the road and to map its trajectories and routes. At the moment, the shuttle doesn't move without supervision: technicians join the ride also to assess all these factors. If successful it is expected to open its doors to individual passengers later in 2018.

Journalists were invited to discover and share details on the project's starting phase earlier this week: read the article on Zuger Zeitung for more information (in German only, though) and see a nice video of the shuttle in motion next to Metalli. However, as I got in touch with the SBB Communications team, they will only be able to join test rides later on this year when all information have been compiled and analysed. And hopefully I'll get to be part of it.

Pic: Christopher Gilb, Zuger Zeitung

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