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Migros opens up to free-range eggs

The news are a month-old but still worth the look and notification: Migros has annouced in March that by the end of 2020, it will only sell eggs produced by free-roaming hens "that each have access to 2.5 square metres of open field, as well as a covered outdoor winter garden".

With this annoucement, the retailer, which is one of the largest Swiss brands, paves the way to positive change in the food industry and animal welfare, as it will put an end to the 30% of eggs produced by chicken that do not have any access to outdoor fields.

With more than 1.51 billion eggs consumed in Switzerland in 2017 and 177 eggs per capita in 2016 (source: it is critical to know where the eggs come from and in what conditions they are produced.

Remember that apart from the packaging itself, looking at the stamps on the eggs can give you a direct information on their production:

0 = organic egg production

1 = free-range eggs

2 = deep litter indoor housing

3 = cage farming

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