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This is not a glass

If you look at it carefully, this looks like a glass. But it is a lot more than this.

If like me you were born in France in the 80's, you might have recognized a good old mustard glass. And if you ever watched Récré A2, you surely recognized Bibifoc, which was back then my favourite cartoon.

But this is a lot more than just a generic blurred childhood memory.

I received this glass this morning by post, and I haven't stopped smiling since then: it comes from Kevin, the manager of the second-hand toy shop Le Temps des Retrouvailles whose work and journey I covered in an earlier article. As the shop was celebrating its first anniversary a few days ago, I talked with Kevin about this cartoon and this glass on his Facebook page. And obviously he caught my words and sent me this souvenir.

Apart from this amazing attention, this present reminds of what OUTSIDE THE BOX is: a place to share ideas, memories and lessons that we can all learn from to be better people. I want to tell stories and meet people, and this glass, which made its way from France to Switzerland, lets me know that i am not doing totally wrong so far.

Thank you Kevin.

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