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Let's talk!

While I am blowing on the small layer of dust growing on the site, I need to admit I have been very busy over the past days managing a lot of ideas, facts and emotions.

I have also exploded my ecological footprint flying last minute to say final goodbyes to loved ones and accompany beloved relatives and friends through rainy days.

But I also have a few inspiring articles in the pipeline and think of using this place to better illustrate my skills through freelance work.

Exciting, right?

(who wants another coffee?!)

Want to hear the exclusive news? In order to make OUTSIDE THE BOX an even bigger thing, I am investigating new formats to get more creative and get more people onboard to share their stories around.

It is not a secret anymore but I try to play around content and design to launch a quarterly online-based magazine with different articles, more photos and possibly some creative ideas to make your life (a pinch more) sustainable.

Do you want to be part of this? Do you want to share your words and your ideas? Send us a message via the Contact page on the website or send a direct mail to contact[at] *

The first issue should be launched very soon, so please sign up and you'll receive the direct link to access it!

*And because of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) regarding data protection and management I need to remind our readers who would like to sign up that their contact details will only be used with the purpose to share OUTSIDE THE BOX news and content. It will never be shared or used for another purpose.

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