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Each Friday I want to share with you a quote, some thougths, an image...something that talks to me and inspires me to seek positive change and be a better person everyday.

Since its launch, OUTSIDE THE BOX has helped me progress in the never-ending quest for the ultimate answer to the even-more-universal question:

"What the h*ll do I want to do with myself?"

Post after post, interview after interview, word after word... it has become clearer that writing for a purpose has been a growing pleasure of mine, and that storytelling, on a professional context, makes a lot more sense than I ever thought it could.

And by telling people's and projects' stories, it seems that I could actually do something I like (listening, questionning, writing...) and that I am good at (at least this is what I was told) while doing a good service to others.

So for today's #FridayInspiration post, I am quoting Alex Dana, CEO of Live Mentor, the online educative platform I am now following to sharpen my skills and answer even more questions.

To new beginnings and hopefully a lot more stories to tell.

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