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  • Marie


This is the little open cabin that will bring you from its station next to Sissikon towards the Lidernenhütte at the top. It doesn't have windows, it has one door only, and its metal structure allows you to see what's under your feet, if you let yourself do it.

Obviously, I did not.

Both journeys up and down demanded a certain mental efforts not to focus on my own safety (needless to say, the system is VERY safe), but to look at the breathtaking Swiss scenery around us.

But I am 200% glad I did it. Small things like this can be challenging, and managing emotions or fears successfully is a big achievement to be proud of. It is not much, but this, along wih the short hike in the snow, the lunch in the Hütte with friends and family and the amazing views, made my day.

(if you want more details let me know I'd be happy to write an article about the little weekend hike).

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