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  • Marie


Each Friday I want to share with you a quote, some thougths, an image...something that talks to me and inspires me to seek positive change and be a better person everyday.

This week has been quiet online, you probably noticed. After a few weeks of working, writing, running around and suddenly feeling that each day was missing hours, I took some days off and made it especially important to spend the least time possible on my computer (and let's be honest, a crashing battery helped a lot). This detox of social media, job search, freelance courses and even reading news has been absolutely needed, and for sure genuinely welcome. I rested, I spent time with loved ones, I took the time to...take the time.

So for this #FridayInspiration post I invite everyone to breathe in and out, again and again, and possibly look up, look around you, get up and enjoy what goes on. This is a lot more valuable, and whatever goes on online can surely wait.

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