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It's all in the bag!

A few weeks ago I was pleased to discover the new recycling system Nespresso put in place in Switzerland, allowing you to leave the bag of used capsules in your mailbox at the attention of your local postman.

Today is now the day to test the service: after closing the bag using the sticky tape already there, I cut the yellow ribbon and left the bag downstairs. Mail distribution in our residence in Zug goes early, so better leave the bag today for tomorrow so that we don't forget it.

Before closing it I checked whether we had removed non-Nespresso capsules. Do not see here any discrimination towards other brands, but rather a waste-related precaution: I would not want the entire bag to be discarded in the sorting and recycling process if a capsule in other material is found.

As for our overall coffee consumption, we have now re-stocked in beans offered by my cousin who roasts coffee in Sweden. More to come about it later!

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