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Each Friday I want to share with you a quote, some thougths, an image...something that talks to me and inspires me to seek positive change and be a better person everyday.

Some people go for physical detox, some talk about digital ones. I only tried the former once, and it was fairly disappointing as an experience (tasteless, frustrating, tiring...not the type that makes you feel good as promised).

However, life often gives me occasions to go for the latter.

After all, I did grow up without a phone, a computer or a tablet that nowadays seem to direct our lifestyles. But the combo family-holidays-work makes it easy to unplug and disconnect, and I managed to spend an hour or so colouring. Simply colouring. And it was great.

(fair enough I continuously had in mind how important it was NOT to go beyond the lines, which is fairly psycho-rigid for a way to relax....but well, time was well used).

What are your best detox moments? And what would you suggest readers of OUTSIDE THE BOX to succeed? Share your stories in the comments section!

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