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A new home for your goldfish

The video and the article are in French, but the idea is fairly simple: during the summer, the freshly revamped Aquarium of Paris has opened its doors (or I would rather say, its water tanks) to all who would feel like abandonning or giving away their goldfish.

As small as it is, a goldfish deserves good care and proper living conditions (i.e. sufficient space and clean water, appropriate food, as well as entertainment, companionship and a nice view not to get bored), like any animal you could say. However many miscalculate the time, energy and financial investment even a fish requires, and many get trashed either in the toilet bowl or in the nearby rivers (along with other types of fishes, snakes, lizzards or turtles, whose abandonment also ruins local ecosystems).

So the work of the Aquarium, which has now recovered more than 600 goldfishes, is absolutely fantastic.

After being checked and healed in quarantine for a while, the fishes get to live the aquatic life they deserve. Not bad, hey?!

Sadly, no need to remind you that the summer season shows the most abandonments of pets from owners who did not seem too concerned by their animal's future. A great share of these animals has to be euthanized as shelters are too full to welcome and manage them.

Basic words of wisdom remain the same:

- Don't buy but adopt.

- Think carefully, as taking an animal onboard, irrespective of species, size, colour or breed, is not only an investment, but especially a long-lasting commitment.

- Do your homework and do not let your emotions take the lead on such a major decisions.

This applies to your goldfish, too.

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