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On Fridays I want to share with you a quote, some thougths, an image...something that talks to me and inspires me to seek positive change and be a better person everyday.

I have been taking the train a lot lately. Namely, 2 hour per day pretty much since the beginning of the month, and hopefully things will go on the same way for the coming months and who knows, years.

You see, I could have done with walking or biking only as I used to, but the train is now the most relevant option I have to reach my new work (driving of course would be another one but it would be on the long term much less viable option for my nerves and my ecological footprint).

So apart from the everyday fight to find a seat in the train on rush hours, the thrill mainly comes from the fact that I can actually think, write or read. The struggle to put my phone down is real, though: a train full of phone-watching half-asleep zombies tends to lead to behavioural contagion. Self-discipline and a fair amount of caffeine in the blood however help to focus on magazines and books rather than easy-to-digest Instagram content.

This one is this week's read. I had the plan to read it a while ago, and for sure I had not expected so much F*cks around. For sure an easy read, maybe a little too casual (call me prude and old-fashion if you want), but I do agree with what I am reading so far, meaning: care only about the things that actually matter and/or that you can control, the rest will hit you in the face anyway so learn to deal with it. More or less.

To be continued, I don't expect this one will be a life-changer but it is a good distraction that makes people look at me curiously in the train. So, why not.

What is the book that has the most insired you to change, be/do better?

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