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20 Minuten and energy-saving tips

Call me posh or pretentious if you want, I generally open the free newspapers from the train (20 Minuten) when I do not have any better alternative to spend my time.

As mentioned before, I work hard on each journey to leave my phone in the bag in order to either rest, look by the window, look at people or read a magazine or a book. And while I am glad my post on this topic inspired a friend to read the same book (awaiting feedback, by the way!), sometimes it is worth not reading too complex content after a long day at the office.

Last Monday I picked up the 20 Minuten that was in front of me. I noticed with the least concern that I do not understand half of it - not because of the language barrier, but because I do not follow local TV shows and have no clue of the latest K-Pop or movie stars.

But obviously this article on the right caught my eyes, as the newspaper is asking its readers to share energy-saving tips as a competition. The original article is available here.

I do not think your suggestions to save energy will need to be rocket-science to be part of the competition, but if you have any creative ideas and some photos to illustrate then, you have until Sunday night October 7th to share them and hopefully win a nice prize.

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