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Grosse Verschwendung

Grosse Verschwendung = Big Waste.

I had sent a little letter to the local 2 newspapers that in my opinion have had their share of responsibility in the waste (but surely without having too much choice either).

I am pleased to say that my article caught the attention of one of them, the Zuger Presse, which published my rant past Wednesday.

I am not expecting any answer, obviously. If I was voting I would have used this negative feelings of mine as a reason to vote or not for certain candidates. So many posters have been posted along the lovely streets of the city and in the fields, and it has looked particularly ugly lately in town.

But who knows: if this little article can have some people react, I am glad I accomplished this already.

And let's see: whoever gets elected might receive a letter from me on the same topic at some point.

Little note as this article has been scheduled: the elections took place yesterday, Oct. 7th. Let's see what the results might be.

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