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My new little dress

I just received my new little dress.

My new little dress is pretty:

it’s blue, it’s soft, comfortable and it fits perfectly with the pair of boots i just got fixed.

My new little dress is perfect for the winter:

it’s warm, a little fluffy, and it wants to be hugged.

My new little dress did not cost me too much, but it was not cheap either.

I bought my new little dress online.

It wasn’t an impulse shopping: i carefully compared pros and cons before i confirmed my basket.

My new little dress makes me happy :

it was a successful purchase and I feel pretty in it.

My new little dress travelled quite a lot to reach me:

from its French storage it drove down to the Swiss border,

to be sent back to France because a form was missing,

to be sent back again to Switzerland after the form was filled.

It also had to wait for me an entire night at the post office until I could finally free it from its giant plastic packaging.

My new little dress was sold to me as Danish design.

It made me strangely proud, I was happy to support a local brand.

But my new little dress is actually Made in China.

The label does not lie and it made me sad.

My new little dress travelled throughout the world, if I had known it i wouldn’t have bought it.

So i decided to love my new little dress even more.

While its cost barely covers a tiny share of its life and travel, i will make it up with time, love and care.

I just received my new little dress.

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