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On Fridays I want to share with you a quote, some thougths, an image...something that talks to me and inspires me to seek positive change and be a better person everyday.

I posted this one a long while ago on Facebook , and each year it pops again as a "memory" on my timeline. It remains as cheesy as it can be, but each time it makes me smile.

I am generally a very optimistic person, and I want to believe in the best in every person and every action. It does not mean that I blindly trust people: I just want to give each and everyone the chance to be the one I hope they are.

I also believe in genuine random acts of kindness. It might be a matter of what one can define as being polite: saying hello, waiting for my turn, holding the door for the person coming behind you...but those do not seem as simple and obvious to many unfortunately.

And then you have the little extras, the ones that are not only helpful to others but also simply fulfilling:

Helping the old lady to go down the train (which , practically, only means holding her hand for a step or two)...

Waiting at the traffic light that "the green little guy comes" to cross the street when a mother teaches her small child how to be safe in traffic...

Giving a stranger a cookie from your pack just because he is looking at it...

It does not hurt, it is not difficult to do, and sometimes it can make the difference in one's day (even your own day).

I want to keep sustainability on the same level: it should not be a pain to discard the right waste in the right bin (to me, this goes back into the "politeness" bin even), it should be part somehow of our regular behaviours.

And for diving into the bins in my office to check whether my colleagues recycle properly, god knows it is not as easy at it seems.

However thinking about the rest, the big picture and all the actions that we can do everyday to make the world a better place, for instance by stepping in someone's shoes, this is what I believe in. I want to believe in a positive butterfly effect where we as part of a community (irrespective of its scale) can be an actor of change within this community.

So this bideo will keep on making me smile, because it represents who I want to be and what I want to see in the world.

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