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Zero Waste at Spatzentreff

It's been an interesting journey looking to improve our waste management: between my past rants on paper waste and our home improvement exercise to remove plastics as much as possible, there has been no time to get bored. We are moving slowly and in view of what we can find for instance in the supermarkets around, we will not be able to get rid of plastic packaging for good. At least, we did improve our waste sorting system, and with the end of the elections in the canton, our mailbox is empty again for now.

I have also finally stopped using cotton pads for my night-night routines (more will come soon about it), and I am letting myself be inspired by other mums that have integrated zero-waste principles in a lot more aspects of their everyday life.

Until then, I am still looking at existing option locally to shop in bulk. And unless you live in Zurich or buy only from the farms, the opportunities in Zug and around are quite limited (see my article on the local Zero Waste movement).

So I was even more pleased when I noticed that Café Spatzentreff, which moved to a new location in Cham, now gives its customer the opportunity to buy grains, dried fruits and various types of nuts in bulk: get a bag, help yourself, weight your bag and pay at the cashier. While I would do without the plastic ziplocs for sure, you can also buy little glass jars to proceed in a more sustainable way.

Café Spatzentreff also increased the place dedicated to hand-made items that you can purchase in the basement. Why not combining handicraft and zero-waste by selling also textile bags for bulk shopping?

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