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Zero-Waste Routines


Last month, we shared with you the interview of Sabrina, Founder of a zero-waste company called KUFU.

I have looked and looked and for long time hesitated to finally change something in my daily routines in order to further reduce the waste I create on a daily basis.

I did stare for a very long time at some of the brand's market bags and bulk-pouches in flashy colours. However I already have 2 tote bags that I really love so getting another one would make no sense. Buying in bulk is also not convenient in Zug (I still need to visit the specialized shops in Zurich for sure), so bying pouches would be counter-productive, unless I would use them for another to-be-defined purpose.

And as I am still trying to figure out what to do with the bags, bagpacks, make-up pouches etc...that have made their way in my wardrobe through the past years, I decided to aim at something else.

So I waited for an occasion to click on the website's cart and confirm my order: my birthday was the perfect opportunity to move on with something I do every single day before going to bed.

I bought a pouch of reusable cottons for make-up removals.

I had to think whether this purchase made sense, especially just after opening a giant pack of normal cotton pads one can find in the supermarket. But zero-waste comes one step at a time*: one or two cotton pads a day in the trash, supporting the unsustainable cotton business in the world..."it does not seem much but it's a good start, I genuinely thought.

The pouch is pretty, practical, small enough yet flashy, and I fell in love at first sight. And the pads are just great, soft on one side, rougher on the other one, pretty much like what you find on the market. They do great after a wash and they will surely last a while.

To summarize my points: I am super happy and the one-time cottons have made their way back in the storage.

*PS: I am fully aware of the limitations of my actions in terms of what I will be able to achieve or trigger when I do these things: I will never be able to reach the level that are presented in the extreme zero-waste stories that are shared online, mainly because it will demand a level of commitment which I could have done on my own, but not as a mum / a famil-member. The opportunities of change in terms of individual routines are great: no plastic bags, re-usable cleaning/hygienic products, bulk shopping etc...But the existing options locally not to depend on the supermarkets' unlimited plastic packaging are annoyingly limited. Let's see, I plan to learn from others and hopefully do my share even a little more. Oh and just in case one would wonder: this post is not sponsored.

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