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On Est Prêt - #FridayInspiration to the next level

On Est Pret

On Est Prêt - We Are Ready

Something is happening in France, and we want to believe that it is something big.

More than 60 French YouTubers and social media influencers have come together to start a month-long campaign called "On est Prêt", with the aim to engage the younger generations in changing their habits and reducing their environmental footprint, towards a more sustainable world.

Between 15 November and 15 December, a positive challenge will be shared online daily and everyone in the world is invited to take part and share actions and results online but also among local communities.

Examples go from reducing meat consumption, using public transports, buying and eating seasonal and locally-produced food...things that can be done easily on a daily basis and which, if organized collectively, could possibly have an impact on our society and ultimately our planet.

The overall message of the campaign is not to push people into guilt-based reactions, but instead to promote a bottom-up action in which we, as people, have the control of our future as a response to the lack of efficient actions on the governmental level.

Obviously, OUTSIDE THE BOX raises its little virtual hands to support the campaign!

How can you participate?

  • We strongly encourage our French-speaking readers in France and throughout the world to be part of the On Est Prêt movement and follow the campaign's challenges.

  • As for the other readers, we will try here to convey some of the challenges and share with you whatever best practices that could come from the campaign.

  • Take a pledge here and share with your friends and family what change you would like to engage in, and share with OUTSIDE THE BOX your progresses.

Follow the challenges, progresses, stories, and on social media platforms:

Instagram: Twitter: @onestpret

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