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Be the Change - On Est Pret Week 2

Between 15 November and 15 December 2018, more than 60 French YouTubers will share positive challenges and everyone in the world is invited to take part and share actions and results online but also among local communities.

To support the project OUTSIDE THE BOX will be listing the suggested actions week after week, from French to English, to hopefully influence our readers all over the world to start small but eventually be part of a bigger movement.

This is the second week fo the challenge! Where do you stand on these points?!

Click on the picture on the left to see the original videos of each challenge (in French).

Do not hesitate to share your comments about these tasks and tell us how it has been going to move on!


Day 8

Cook yourself a lovely dish with your food waste instead of systematically discarding food.

Along the same line, buy only what you need / freeze and conserve what you will not eat before it gets bad / use services such as Too Good To Go and buy what the supermarkets plan to discard / share food with your friends, colleagues and food banks.

The reason behind: one third of the food we produce in the world is trashed. In France, food waste represents 10 million tons each year, the equivalent of 18 billion meals, 16 billion euros and 3% of the CO2 emissions of the country.


Day 9

On the occasion of Black Friday, do not buy anything new, or better, anything at all.

The reason behind: On Black Friday, an American tradition, more than 53 billion dollars are spent in the world. The sales are pushing us to buy things we do not need at discounted price, which contributes to extensive production-related CO2 emissions, pollution and waste.

Instead of buying new, keep in mind the "5 R's – Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle"


Day 10

Buy and eat locally-produced, seasonal food to reduce your carbon footprint.

The reason behind it: along with transportation and housing, food production is one of the highest sources of emissions. Most is transported from all over the world to fullfil our wishes of fruits and vegetables throughout the year. Sadly, a great share is also going straight to the bin before it even reaches our plates, as they do not "look good enough" as per commercial standards. Look also at the origins of organic/biological food items: shipping them from the other side of the world cancels the purpose to produce sustainable food.


Day 11

For Christmas, I make the presents myself or I buy second-hand, and I try to organize a climate-friendly celebration.

The reason behind it: each year, 5,3 million "real" Christmas trees and 1 million artificial (plastic) ones are bought in France, and will end up in the bin at the end of festivities. Last-minute online-based present shopping creates also a peak in car and truck transportation.


Day 12

Today, I calculate my carbon footprint to understand which of my behaviours generates the most CO2, and to decide where my change can have the greatest positive impact on my life and on the planet.


Day 13

Repair, reuse or recycle your electronic items at home instead of buying new ones. Give away the ones that can be repaired and re-used, for instance to association, and if nothing can be done make sure to discard them responsibly (for instance in places specialized in electronics).

The reason behind it: technological obsolescence, fashion, social media...make us buy more electronic items that we would not need if we could fix the ones we already have. Associations will always be happy to take your un-used items, and do not hesitate to visit a repair café next to your home.

Repair Café in Zug:


Day 14

Get involve with an clinate-friendly association volunteer to support your community, participate in responsible crowdfunding projects, take part in marches for the climate...

The reason behind it: associations will always need a hand or an extra euro to work and make a difference on a daily basis. It is also the best way to meet other people, learn from them and share your own knowledge, and make your voice heard.

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