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Try out insects at Migros

Feeling like trying something new and exotic? Nope, we are not talking about Mexican or Asian food!

But if you visit the same section at Migros, you will find one of the latest editions of sub-brand in the Swiss supermarket: Mi Bugs.

With 2 types of crickets / grasshopers and a pack of mealworms from the Netherlands at (what looks like) a reasonable price (for Swiss food standards, although, we would have no idea how much bugs can be charged), Migros distinguishes itself on the field of sustainable non-meat-based food options.

The brand also pushes it by providing some recipes on its website.

If you are not sure where to start, look first at this review from BBC News to give you some guts, and surf apps that have introduced exciting insect-based recipes.

Will we, at OUTSIDE THE BOX, go beyond our misconceptions, and finally act "outside the box" in the kitchen?


Let's say, when we do, you'll know about it.

En Guete!

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