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Something is cooking...

When OUTSIDE THE BOX was launched, the idea was to avoid falling back into the "green classics", aka "whatever everyday-like tips to live a sustainable lifestyle that probably everyone already knows".

The incredible success of the #OnEstPret campaign in France has however proven us wrong, by showing that inspiration does not especially come from the daily actions we can implement to change the world:

Inspiration comes from collective action, the role and responsibilities that we as citizens carry in our hands, our decisions and our wallets.

This is when we started looking at the #BeTheChange concept in more details, to see how we could contribute globally in sharing best pratices and hopefully bring people to assess their habits and possibly engage in new ones.

Here it goes. Something is cooking and we will be sharing you the latest addition to the #BeTheChange. It's been under preparation for a little while, in cooperation with wonderful people...Stay tuned and come back around later for more information!

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