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Some weeks ago we told you that something was going on....and the project is finally on!

Along my friends Catherine Leduc - Coaching & Consulting and Katrin Luthy from The Green Event Planner that we proudly interviewed here,

OUTSIDE THE BOX is pleased to support the #52WEEKLYACTIONS project.

Download the free e-book and follow 52 simple actions throughout the year that can help you reach a more sustainable lifestyle. Share your actions and progresses with your friends, colleagues, neighbours,... and identify what steps make the most sense to you and for which you can contribute even further.

Do not forget to tag us and use the # on your social media posts: the more the merrier!

Along the way, Catherine, Katrin and myself will be looking at boosting the #52WEEKLYACTIONS global community by sharing news articles, tips, feedback...on our respective accounts and on Facebook.

Are you ready?!

Share your pledge and your progress to change the world one week at a time!

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