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How did No-buy go in February?

A month ago I assessed my performance at No-buy, the resolution not to buy any clothes for a month, and it was easy to declare I had failed with no chance to clean my hands too easily.

Where do I stand now, end of February?

- I have finally bought the winter boots I needed to sustain a bit of time in the snow. In view of the cold I did not catch, I can already say that the investment has been paid off, with the plan to look for quality and long-term use rather than low price. I was given also a pair of amazing Swiss snow pants, and winter jacket will wait until next year as the temperatures are slowly rising.

- What has been given away, including again a fair share to Love on a Hanger already: 1 pair of shoes, 3 tops/shirts, 1 kimono jacket, 2 swimsuits, 2 scarves (including one new), 6 dresses (including one new), 1 combishort (new). The amount of unworn things I am giving away is absolutely pathetic, but I also know I am doing the right thing and going into the right direction.

- The only dress I bought online on a clear moment of weakness (I tried to cancel the purchase but it was a speed process, it was already too late), will join the next bag to Love on a Hanger. Another lesson learned obviously, so I am even happier if my wasted money can then help a good cause.

- I tested 2 boxes from My Little Box, and obviously regret it. I will share with you my points on another post.

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