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Have you joined the #52WEEKLYACTIONS movement already?

If so, you should have been invited already to look at reducing consumption, looking at increasing your recycled waste, and make sure that items such as bulbs, batteries, chemicals or electronics are disposed of in a safe manner.

Week 5 still looks at waste, this time in relation to soap-based products. Many, for instance laundry soap, are a lot more concentrated than they used to be and a minimum amount is sufficient to load a machine. Dispensers tend to distribute more handsoap than you actually need, and often miss the remaining part in the bottom of the bottle (do not forget then to add water to get this last bit!).

At last, we have been acclimatised to foam in shampoo, soap or toothpaste. But a lack of foam does not mean poor quality, on the contrary! No need therefore to add more product on yourself until it reaches the dreamy foamy consistency.

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