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I told you I would tell you who I am!

In the last days of February, I was priviledged to be interviwed by a journalist of the Luzerner Zeitung that I had been in touch with a while ago regarding the Zug autonomous bus.

The plan was not only to discuss my experience as new expat in Zug, Switzerland, but also to share insights about OUTSIDE THE BOX, the site's purpose and the way it's been rolling for the past year and a half.

The photoshoot was as fun and interesting as the interview itself, a new experience I can now tick from my bucket list (though I do not really have one).

I have already received few positive comments, I hope this will keep on and that the OUTSIDE THE BOX community in the world will keep on growing. And for sure this has been a great mood booster to keep on and hopefully provide more, relevant content to you.

Thank you again to the Luzerner Zeitung and Zuger Presse for this opportunity!

Pic/ Stefan Kaiser, interview/Christopher Gilb

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