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And the facepalm of the day goes to...Migros!

If you wondered if OUTSIDE THE BOX had been left alone for good, nope, I am still there for sure! The past few weeks however have been quite busy with work, trainings, activities, family visits, and a fair share of fatigue along.

While the list of ideas and topics gets longer in my mind, I need however to prioritize a little the time and energy I use for each thing, I hope you will not mind the lack of in-depth stories.

Instead, I will focus a little on the small things that have seriously raised my eyebrows over the past few days.

And the main one has been this:

This amazing gender-determined soup for either Champions (blue, for boys obviously) and Glamour Queens (in pink, for girls) from the brand Bon Chef, a sub-brand of Migros. The level of details goes into the different type of pasta shapes you will find in the packages.

I had to stop for a minute and take a picture in the middle of the condiment aisle, with a growing WTF in my mind. I laughed, then got angry.

While I have been generally quite relaxed about gender equality and feminism discussions, the blue-pink spectrum of gender-identified items (from toys to razor blades) has always pissed me off.

At least, the options share the same price (while studies and customer complaints have showed a "pink tax" making women pay more for the same items, only because of their pink attributes). To be fair it looks that the blue package is more expensive for its weight, probably because soccer shoes, a ball or a trophy-shaped noodle is heavier or more difficult to produce than random stars. I also did not look at the recipe and flavours, though this woud still not justify a difference to me.

But blue and pink packaging for water-based soups?! Seriously, Migros: You deserve here a massive facepalm.

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