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10 weeks already that the #52WEEKLYACTIONS project is up and running, and it's been great so far to share ideas, articles, news from all over the world on our Facebook Group!

The past few weeks have invited you to re-think your need for packaging and look for alternatives.

This time we are looking at the ways you can give away old clothes and fabrics that can be re-used in various ways:

- it is very common nowadays to find special give-away bins for clothes which are then managed and sorted by local and international associations. Some are either sold again and the collected money used by and for the associations'projects (e.g. Salvation Army, Red Cross...), some will be sent for example to refugees.

- in Zug, places such as Love on a Hanger will happily welcome good quality items (sometimes shoes even) that will be sold further, and the money will be sent to the Domino Foundation in South Africa.

- churches and parishes often organize collection and re-sell events, like the Kinderkleidboerse you can find in Zug and its surroundings.

- as you know, we are fan of KUFU and the concept of upcycling materials to create new things.

And of course, get your hands, your sewing machine and creativity ready!

Start your own projects: recycle your old towels, clothes or tshirts into zero waste bags and pouches, sponges and cleaning rugs.

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