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Climate actions starts at home

I have been growing up in an IKEA catalogue (being 50% Swedish it sounds almost like an obvious statement) and seen the evolution of design, branding, marketing throughout the years. Note that I even did not say "I grew up" but "I have been growing up", as most of the furniture, accessories, kitchen ustensils and recycling station come from the Swedish shop. And if I had to be fully honest, some of the stuff in our fridge also come from there.

For years the brand has been looking to sell affordable solutions for individuals and households to implement sustainable solutions at home, school or work, from solar panels to water-saving devices for your tabs.

This week, IKEA is congratulating "accidental environmentalists" and celebrating everyday climate actions in a set of new videos. I'll leave them here with you, while I fall back in the memories of the good-old kids'club and its pool full of plastic balls.

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