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A positive side-effect

One unexpected, but positive side-effect of my interview in the Luzerner Zeitung was the surprise from the friends and relatives who had no idea I was working on the OUTSIDE THE BOX project. I had tried to share the information around, but for non-English-speaking, non-social-media users, it's been obviously a little more complex to reach out and share what I do.

(A friend also told me that I am like Chandler Bing, I work but no one really knows what my job actually means and entails)

So when I received this one from my dad, my heart melted immediately. And when my mum justified some of her shopping plans using eco-friendly vocabulary and concerns, I had to smile warmly.

I did not expect my audience target to be my family , but I did manage finally to share a little what passionates me on a daily basis (beyond cheese and chocolate).

There is a tremendous amount of books and online resources available to help you start implementing a more sustainable lifestyle, and I would be the worst one to advise one against another one (you should see the pile of unfinished books on my night stands, mixed with my son's nite-nite stories). But this one is very complete and a nice read, too.

Objectif Zero Dechet, En Cuisine et Au Quotidien (in French, ISBN 978-2-01-704270-9) is a great start to assess your needs and practices, learn about seasons, zero-waste practices, and especially cook with zero-waste in mind.

The book for instance shares seasonal, local and zero-waste-friendly recipes to be prepared throughout the week: shop groceries for a week, cook a dish on Sunday, which will then serve for your cooking plans for the rest of the week, one day after the other.

In view of the amount of food waste we each generate as individuals (not even mentioning what does even not reach our plates but trashed for whatever market-driven reasons), this is a great read and source of inspiration to maintain a sustainable kitchen and tasty, environmentally-friendly lifestyle.

Please do not hesitate to share here your suggestions of books, websites, YouTube channels on the topic!

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