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How did No-Buy go in March?

Soon I will be out of CC0 pics that represent a random woman smiling and shopping. I guess this is a matter of picking the right keywords, but so far, type "shopping" and you'll get you share of happy ladies spending their money, strolling around aisles and laughing while walking with a dozen of bags in the hands.

Exciting. Anyway.

No-buy shopping in March went a little better than expected. I did end up buying 2 dresses (for the weddings we plan to attend in the coming weeks) and a pair of sneakers that I plan to cherish for ever and ever. The decluttering process still goes on simultaneously, with 3 tops and a dress that will, I hope, find a new home eventually.

In general, it feels like we have reduced our generation of non-recyclable waste, the majority in the shape of packaging (I am not surprised, sadly). After more than a year, we finally got rid of the carton boxes of our bikes, and most of the daily items are indeed carton-based. For sure we need to be better at stopping by the recycling station with everything, but at the same time the load of things to recycle has seem a lot less constraining than it used to be before.

No-buy will seem hard to accomplish, ever. But it gives me a good mindset and helps me further reconsider my decision as a consumer, and this already feels very good.

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