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Happy Easter!

If there is one hard thing NOT to look at during the Easter days, it is the amount of chocolate eggs, bunnies and other fantasy sweets that are available in the supermarkets and other bakeries in town.

For our readers not celebrating Easter, who are possibly not familiar with Western traditions on the occasion, Easter is the occasion to make your stomach explode through a chocolate overload.

The usual problem with the main chocolate brands is the use of palm oil, additives and massive amount of unnecessary sugars. It has become as difficult to find good quality chocolate as to find cookies in the supermarkets that have then a limited environmental footprint - and to be honest it has been hard to explain to my kid why I refuse to purchase either this pack of lovely-looking chocolate biscuits or this good old chocospread after looking at the label.

So when an Australian friend shared this great communications from Zoos Victoria I could only salute the intention.

At a time of sweets' frenziness, look at the labels and make responsible choices as consumers: consider your health, your kids' health, and consider the environment. Favour organic, biological, fairtrade chocolate sources, and spend a few more cents looking into artisanal, locally-made options.

Click on the picture to access the original post and get more details.

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