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Foodstuff - the Rescue Kit

There are amazing initiatives going on locally, in Switzerland as well as Germany and Austria, to support zero-waste practices and reduce food waste. The Foodsharing initiative and people working there have been for instance a key pillar of sustainable activities in Zug.

During the week the organization collects unsold food items and will leave them at people's disposal - for free - in community fridges available in Cham, Zug and Baar (see exact locations and opening hours below).

You will find there mostly fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as unsold pastries from bakeries and sometimes other things. Things are obvious: it is on a first come first serve basis, but the plan is also to entirely empty the stocks, too, to avoid wasting what could have been wasted earlier in the consumption chain.

Foodsharing also released a great Lebensmittel Rescue-kit (available in German only) to give information on food items, how long they can be kept (and thus despite what the label can possibly say), how best to store them, as well as some tips and recipes to best manage your stocks at home.

Each month, you'll find on the Foodsharing Facebook page the Utopia list of seasonal fruits and veggies to keep your choices sustainable under the motto "Think Global - Eat Local".

Obviously a local organization to follow and support at any time.


Foodsharing Zug - Facebook page:

Website of Foodsharing Switzerland:

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